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We’re all proud of who we are as individuals and like to believe that we ourselves have all the answers. Confrontation arrives when we enter a relationship and after the initial feeling of lust wears off we realise that now we have to take on-board different truths, ways of seeing the world and different solutions to everyday problems. The key to ensuring a long lasting fulfilling and happy relationship is understanding exactly how and how not to communicate these different truths, views and solutions. Sometimes clients seem to believe it’s magic when this all falls back into place but it’s not, it’s already within us we just need to re-learn how to access it and communicate it.


Coaching is a fantastic non-bias way of understanding yourself both internally and externally. Working with a coach that you resonate with and that can challenge your “go to” views and perspectives of the world is essential. When you coach yourself through life you are only able to challenge yourself on your current knowledge and perspectives. Coaching can assist you in broadening your view of how you see your problems and limiting beliefs and thus unlock solutions that previously were not within you.

What We Do

relationship disconnent

Many couples are surprised to find out the root cause for why their relationship has become disconnected. Even though every situation is different we find that quite often there’s more to the unhappiness either you or your partner feel. Bringing this to the surface is the key to ensuring a fulfilling relationship that remains long into the future.

anger management

Anger management is one of the predominant factors couples face that is ruining their relationship. Even though anger management is on the reactive spectrum it does need to be controlled. Without controlling anger and its triggers it is hard to make lasting change in other areas. It is also important to understand where the anger resides and address it’s root cause to ensure the pressure on the trigger doesn’t cause it to show up in other ways or means.

integrated family issues

Integrated families such as step mothers, step fathers and step brothers and sisters brings another challenge to family dynamics. when not managed effectively this can become cancerous to other connections within the family that were strong. It’s important to understand the individual needs and also the overarching needs of the family dynamics to ensure everyone can feel appreciated within themselves.

disconnect with children

Maintaining a strong bond with your children and understanding how to fully appreciate and nurture them can be the different between make or break. With some simple techniques and a deeper understanding you will be able to enjoy your relationship with your children and receive the never ending 

financial disagreements

We all have dreams and goals in life that rely on money if we want to achieve them. Usually there are some aspects of life where couples agree on how money should be spent, but  there are others that they just can’t seem to agree on and the arguments begin. In order to be able to work together a couple must be able to communicate.

drinking issues

Most adults enjoy a good glass of wine or a cold beer from time to time, but when the enjoyment becomes an added strain on your relationship it can become a costly pass time not only financially but emotionally. For the individual that enjoys this relaxing pass time it can be hard to identify or accept when it’s affecting the relationship.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

The better the relationships, the stronger our future generations will be. There is such joy that comes from sharing lifes experiences with a significant other, we’ve all been single at some point and thought “I wish someone was here to share this experience” then we found that someone and lived the life of lust and love… Unfortunately sometimes that lust wears off. What if we could rewind time, take away all that water under the bridge and renew the lust and excitement that once existed. My passion is seeing that renewed lust and excitement in clients and hearing their success stories as they grow stronger together long after coaching.

why our clients choose us:

Letting someone into your personal life isn’t an easy decision. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our coaching practice is comfortable, relatable, private and confidential. 

Stronger connection with their partner

There is nothing more special than a strong loving connection with that person you choose to be your soulmate. Over time this can erode and having effective strategies and processes in place to ensure your relationship endures life’s obstacles is essential.

overall increase in appreciation from partner

We all seek appreciation at a core level as it’s an integral part of displaying love. When we feel appreciated we are inclined to offer more in a relationship. Understanding how your partner feels appreciated might not be the same way you feel it so it’s important to know how they feel appreciation.

agreement without arguments

Have you ever noticed a couple that just argue all the time? Unfortunately this is all too common in relationships and the longer this pattern continues the more difficult it is to fix. Get on top of meaningless arguments early by understanding the fundamentals for effective communication.

more time for themselves & each other

Me time… Such an important aspect to a relationship, yet often neglected or one sided. We live a busy life and there are plenty of distractions but it’s a team effort to tick all the important items and still put aside time for each other as individuals.

alignment in future dreams & goals

When a relationship becomes stale or disconnected it’s sometimes because we’ve lost focus on what’s important to us as individuals or as a couple or family.

deep understanding of personal values

When we understand each others personal values at a deep level we understand what makes each other excited… it also means we understand what triggers each other so we can avoid it.

easy to follow processes to maintain love

Maintain a strong connection and loving relationship should come naturally. Unfortunately once the initial lust settles and everyday life kicks in we tend to appreciate each other less.

increased intimacy

When the connection in a relationship is strong and appreciation is high intimacy follows naturally. Intimacy should feel natural in a relationship not forced.

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couples coaching

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individual coaching

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“Being a bloke I was originally hesitant when my partner suggested getting advice for our relationship. Dan made us feel comfortable through the whole process and changed our lives forever. I never doubted my ability to provide for my family but I didn’t realise I wasn’t giving them everything I had.”


“The change we saw in our relationship over the short time we spent doing coaching was amazing.”


“Got to feel totally connected with my family again, when it was seriously looking like we wouldn’t make it. Thanks for your direction.”

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